CV Writing Tips

We kick off January 2024 with some effective tips on how to create your CV from Connie McGroarty, Our Managing Consultant!

Connie has been working in Falcon Green since 2016, today, as the Managing Consultant for the Professional and Technical Division she plays a key role in our team, leading a group of consultants responsible for sourcing both temporary and permanent staff in the construction sector.

Passionate about her work, she has a natural talent for problem-solving and introducing new initiatives. Her collaborative approach with the team ensures that Falcon Green continues to discover the best talent for the construction industry while supporting individuals in achieving their career aspirations.

Connie’s CV Writing Tips:

1. Detail Matters: – when crafting your CV don’t worry about condensing to two pages. Instead, clearly outline not only the details of the projects but also your specific responsibilities within them. It might seem obvious, but we frequently come across CVs that overlook essential information such as project value, units, and build methods. This is also important for education and credentials; include all courses you have completed. Including these crucial details ensures a comprehensive and impactful representation of your experience.

2. Simple Layout, Big Impact: recruiters are receiving 100’s of applications daily, maintaining a straightforward format that prioritises legibility is key to success. The most visually impactful CVs we come across are often those that prioritise content over layout. This is especially crucial in a landscape where businesses often use automated screening for CVs. A clean and easily digestible format not only enhances the visual appeal for human readers but also ensures optimal performance in automated systems, increasing your chances of consideration.

3.  Personal Touches: Including personal achievements and a short personal statement about your career ambitions adds a human touch to your CV and helps demonstrate a full 360 picture of who you are as an individual.

Even with modern technologies changing how businesses navigate the recruitment space, the above tips should endure the test of time, ensuring that your CV stands out in a crowded and competitive job market.

Connect with Connie McGroarty for a confidential chat if you’re considering a move or have questions. Your next career move might be just a conversation away!

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