“Interview For Jobs” Event

Sam Marsden, our Senior Consultant, and Beatriz Rodas, our Communication & Engagement Manager, partnered with Glencar & Denise Southard dedicated a day to participating in an event known as “Interviews for Jobs.” The primary objective of this event was to provide employers with a pool of fully screened, checked, and job-ready residents in the Ealing, Brent, and Hammersmith & Fulham boroughs.
Falcon Green places great importance on events like these, as they provide valuable opportunities for local residents. These gatherings not only assist individuals in securing employment but also provide valuable insights into the diverse career options within the construction industry.
Our teams are deeply committed to this important work.
Both Bea and Sam actively engaged with this event, and their feedback was very positive.

Conrad Mahon

A big thanks to the organizers Cassandra Hamilton and the Team!

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