Meet our Falcon Green Team – Finlay Smith

Meet our Falcon Green Team

We’re excited to introduce our new team member, Finlay Smith. He recently moved all the way from New Zealand to join us.

Finlay spent the summer travelling around Europe before landing in Dublin and starting his journey with our company.

Finlay brings a lot of energy and fresh ideas to our team. His positivity, willingness to learn and dedication fit right into our values.

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FG: How long have you been in Dublin?

After a couple months travelling around Europe, I moved to Dublin in mid-October 2023.

FG: What made you want to move here?

I moved to Dublin for a number of reasons. Firstly, all of my mother’s family are Irish. I wanted to take the opportunity to reconnect with my Irish family. Secondly, I have grown up immersed in the construction industry being the son of a residential carpenter. Dublin and Ireland’s construction sector continues to boom which drew me to Falcon Green and Ireland. Finally, New Zealand and Ireland share many cultural similarities, dry humor being one of them. Ireland feels like a home away from home making it an obvious choice to move to.

What do you like the most about Falcon Green? What would you say to someone who would like to work in construction with us?

Falcon Green has a great team culture. From the moment I joined the team I felt welcome, supported and enabled to thrive. Falcon Green goes the extra mile for candidates and clients. Whether it is taking the time to meet our candidates in person or dropping labour into site we believe having a personal touch is of the upmost importance.